Thursday, February 23, 2012

The July 4th Maze Optical Illusion by Yonatan Frimer

The July 4th Maze Optical Illusion

July 4th is the American day of independence. Americans typically celebrate the holiday by having a day off work, usually having a barbecue or attending one that someone else is hosting and watching a football game (the American football game, where they throw the ball and run it over a line, not the one in which they kick a round ball around a field, that is called Soccer in America.) You should also note that it is very important that they do all this before night fall, because at that time they all go to a park, lake or some other open area and watch a spectacular fireworks display. Years ago when I lived in the US, the fireworks were typically hosted and sponsored by a large local bank. With the wave of foreclosures and bloated bonuses after government bailouts, I am not sure who is hosting it these years. The above maze is of the words July 4th in a fireworks-like psychedelic optical illusion pattern. The maze begins where the arrows point in, and ends at the place they point out.

Solution to the previous maze, The Kangaroo Optical Illusion Maze is down under this text:

Kangaroo Optical Illusion Maze Solution: